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Vehicle Connection

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A vehicle connection, also referred to as telematics, activates a network connection directly to your vehicle. You may already use this type of connection for a variety of purposes, such as remote start or monitoring of your vehicle. If you own or lease one of the eligible vehicle models, your enrollment enables you to receive this upfront rebate and ongoing incentives for participating in managed charging events, without needing to install an additional device.

To be eligible for this offer, you must:
1. Be an Eversource Energy residential customer with a qualified plug-in electric vehicle model that you charge at home,
2. Enroll in ConnectedSolutions managed charging, wherein the program will occasionally send requests to adjust your charging schedule in response to electric grid events. You will receive ongoing incentives of up to $200 per year for participating in these events.

Please note that you will not receive your incentive for this offer until your vehicle connection has been confirmed. Review the Terms & Conditions included in the application form for further details.